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About the Author

  1. My name is Vitali Fominykh.

  2. When I was at school I dreamed of becoming a musician and learn how to play piano. Later, I started playing piano and clarinet and studied music composition at music college. After I became a musician I got a few awards and at that time became the youngest professional jazz bandleader in the former Soviet Union.

  3. I toured many cities with my band, made quite a few music scores for well known orchestras and jazz bands including the State TV Orchestra.

  4. Playing electric musical instruments has contributed to my growing interest in electronics, and I decided to study electronics and computers at KIROV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE (Vyatka University), and became an Electrical Engineer, specializing in Automation and Telemetry.

  5. After graduation, I received an offer to work in the University Department of Scientific Research. I worked on many government contracts, developed microprocessor-based control systems for Soviet space and defense programs.

  6. Completed post graduate studies at Leningrad Mechanical Engineering Institute. Major: Microprosessor-based in-flight guidance system.

  7. One of my research fields was Digital Signal Processing and Synthesis. I established and lead an R&D laboratory that utilized the knowledge of the staff to develop civilian applications like music synthesizers, sound modules and midi interfaces for PC. That work was done under contract with the Soviet State Academy of Science. That work was covered in articles published by central Soviet press.

  8. Along with doing the R&D work I taught students at the University. I taught computer science, electronics, microprocessors, and programming languages. I wrote books and articles, study guides and workbooks, took part in many symposiums and science conferences.

    TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Courses developed and taught):


  9. I trained engineers from different companies and enterprises.

  10. In 1993 I came to the US and worked until 1999 in New York City as a systems analyst.

  11. From 1999 to 2004 I worked in New Jersey as a software developer.

  12. In 2004 I established my own company ARPTONSOFT to develop software products for the open market.


Vitali Fominykh
140 West Englewood Ave., #C1
Teaneck, NJ 07666
(201) 833-8697

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